Bitume [LF113]

by Alex Boneti

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Lucidflow's favourite Alex Boneti from Paris returns to the imprint, following up his last minimalistic superb ‘Les Sables Noir EP'.
Hitting archetypal Lucidflow motifs of minimal grooves and micro programming, understated is main feeling that comes to mind when listening to this four tracker.
Use of melodic elements in the title track is sparing, creating a cavernous arena for pads to swell and dub FX to reverberate in the background. The percussion is controlled with a tight leash; intricate but never busy.
Each successive track feels like forging deeper through the cave as lightness is gradually extinguished. ‘Sfalte’ hushes its kicks into a gentle path, allowing sprightly percussion to take the lead as almost imperceptibly oscillating dub chords act as the glue.
‘VanVan’ reduces further, the dub element sits in the distance as an elongated texture with only the odd snarl and lick rising to the foreground.
Offering relatively lighter experience to the dark, ‘Stereo Type’ subtly lifts its pulse. The beats and bass sway around each other as the melodic elements bounce off the walls while the reversing elements whip around a scattering of frozen chords.

Please jump on board with us and help us celebrate.

mastered by Agile-Mastering

johnny mack (Deep House Radio): "" (will play)

Marc Mac (Soundcollective/ It Runs Deep/ Frequency Radio Show): "All tracks are spot on with Stereo Type touching a nerve with me Love it.. thanks " (will chart) (will play)

Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance (n/a): "Good stuff esp Van Van and Bitume" (will chart)

Mary Jane (CURATEURdelMUSIQUE): "a great one, thank you"

Meriem Medusaeus (): "" (will play)

Nunc (Sofa Sessions): "Stereo type is really great!!!!!! " (will chart) (will play)

Different Grooves ( ""bitume""

Marshall White (Asia Music, 220V Recordings): "Bitume and Van Van are very gooood!" (will play)

John P. - "very good tracks! thanks" (will play)

Denis Plastmassa (): "all tracks really nice! will try it for different dance floors. thanks )" (will play)

SIS (): "thx,downloading for sis"

Lee Guthrie ((Click Therapy/Wiggle/Cubism/SDA)): "Bitume is real nice, thanks for sending :) "

Nadja Lind / Klartraum (Lucidflow & many others): "wickeeed!" (will chart) (will play)

Francesco Tarallo (Lucidflow, Trapez, Trapez Ltd., Airmusiq): "Groovey beats! I like :)" (will play)

Chris Fortier (): "thanks"

Stefan Weise (Wolf Trap, Lucidflow): "Sfalte and VanVan are awesome. Thank you!!" (will play)

Pele Corral (desperadoz): "cool beats ;-)" (will play)

Hervé Dias (): "Massive release! Thanks " (will chart) (will play)

Deepinradio (): "Nice package." (will play)

malchevsky (): "very nice tunes, Bitume rocks!!" (will play)

Helly Larson: "van van is my fav. !!! thanx " (will play)

Joe Silva (Purespace): "Bitume is dope! thanks!" (will play)

Lucas Hulan (Microna, Nightphunk): "Wow nice EP like as usual Keep it Up!" (will play)

Nick Clarke (Eggworm Tokyo): "vanvan is great! " (will play)

Marco Duranti (UGLH) (Get Physical/8bit/Noir/Suara/Caramella/Catwash/Lucidlow/Sanity/Witty Tunes): "Nice thx" (will play)

Ivan Garci (Lucidflow,Vlosfer records(manager)): "great reléase,love it.Sfalte is my fav here.thanks." (will play)

Manna From Sky (serkal - lucidflow - little helpers - recycle ): "really really cool!! bitume is a bomb!!!!! will play for sure! thanks for the music ! <3" (will chart) (will play)

Dr. Lyria Messahel ( "Nr. 4" (will play)

Giuliano Rodrigues (Flowing Movement Music): "Stereo Type, Alex good release. nice job ;)" (will chart) (will play)

atish (): "I like the levity of the vocal in Stereo Type. Kind of goofy in a good way but just small enough to stay in the background." (will play)

Hooll (Lucidflow, Krad recording, 324 recording and more): "yea good one Alex :)" (will play)

Teknobrat (Karma Loft, Karma Dance, Restructured Records, Sounds Of Juan, Kulture Room): "Stereo Type by Alex Boneti is really nice... Will play, support & test Thanks Teknobrat.." (will play)

Lou Lamar (): "Great release, My fave is VanVan Thank's"

Deep Active Sound (): "VavVan is really good. Thanks for good music." (will play)

Scientific Funk (Wiggle, Cubism, Dark Rhythms): "Never ending quality on Lucidflow at present" (will play)

Misk (): "playlist and support in altroverso" (will chart) (will play)

Soundtraffic FM (): "Stereo Type work best for me !" (will chart)

Al Bradley (): "A wicked EP right here; all four cuts are superb examples of dubby textures, with full dancefloor sensibilty. VanVan is my fave (love the graduation as the track builds throughout), but all four are very strong indeed. " (will play)

Mark J (ahoren music, radioactivity productions, progress recrods): "wow, love all 4 here... stereo type is my fav!" (will play)

Helmut Ebritsch (Many): "" (will play)

Hall North (Soma, Fade, Wiggle, Cubism, Tulipa): "Yet another glorious EP! Loving VanVan and Stereo Type to bits! " (will chart) (will play)

Jason Ireland (): "nice ep,will play these,thanks:)" (will play)

Jay Hill (King Street Records, IRecords,3Bridge Records): "ace release here! Sfalte & VanVan big favorites ! thanks for the music. xo" (will chart) (will play)

Chris Manura (Form Resonance, Dirtyrivesounds, Zwischenwelten Musik, ): "thank you for the music!" (will play)

Ilias Katelanos (Lovezone ,200 Records , I Records Acryl ,Etoka,Pesto): "really nice grooves ! VanVan is my pick !" (will chart) (will play)

Arc (LondonMint Recrods): "" (will play)

Sammy W and Alex E (): "Nice work, thanks!" (will play)

Lateral Cut Groove (): "Will play on my Deeper Sides radio show saturday night. Thanks" (will chart) (will play)

X Brazas (): "Thanks! Sfalte for us ;)" (will play)

Jamie Stevens (): "Bitume has a sleazy lo-slung vibe that I love. Awesome tool." (will play)

Daz (): "VanVan for me. Nice drive and direction. " (will play)

Zamali (Timewarp Music - Kraaks records): "Good one, my fav tracks are Sfalte & VanVan. Will play them." (will play)

Extra Music New (): "VanVan fav." (will chart) (will play)

Alex Boneti (): "Proud! ;)"


released August 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Lucidflow Berlin, Germany

...significant names like Ian Pooley, Alexi Delano, Silicone Soul, Brendon Moeller, Klartraum, Nadja Lind, Steve Rachmad, Hernan Cattaneo, Chris Lattner, Terry Francis, D. Diggler, Yapacc, UGLH and G-Man aka LFO, Paul Loraine may just cause you to raise an eyebrow in intrigue.

Sublabel: Sofa Sessions
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